Great podcast

Another great informative podcast. I appreciate the time you take to do the research and tell us the stories exactly how they happen, even if they may be at times too sad to hear. 👏🏾

Outstanding Perspectives

I love this podcast for being so thorough and informative on these amazing POC. You can tell the host has does more than his share of homework to deliver a quality, well-produced show that keeps your attention. One mic is worth both your ears.

Great concise history pod!

If you want some history that focuses on Black people, bringing to light historical truths that have been kept in the dark for so long, this podcast is going to be amazing for you. The content is fantastic, well researched, and timely! On top of that, as a big bonus, the podcast host's voice is *c…

Well Presented and Important

This is a fantastic and succinct podcast. The host is great and tackles important subjects in black history that are frequently left out of the historical narrative in school. From the Harlem Hellfighters and Great Migration to black suffrage - this podcast is a must listen for all.

Black history is history

This show provides a more complete look into history and highlights the people who’ve been forgotten. Education we all need. Great quality, highly recommend.

Strongly Recommend

Long time listener of The Cut and new fan of this podcast. I look forward to expanding my understanding of African American history. Keep up the great work. Subscribe and listen now!

Super dope!

This show is so dope! I love the breakdown and presentation of facts, about our history. Listened to the first two episodes, and can’t wait to listen to the rest. Also check out his other show “The Cut” podcast....another super dope, hilarious and entertaining podcast!

Solid. Strong premise. GREAT VOICE.

If these first two episodes are any indication, we have a LOT of fantastic history to look forward to. Do yourself a favor, give One Mic a listen...