The Single GREATEST Threat to the US (The Black Panthers v. The FBI) Prt .2 #onemichistory

An explanation about how the Black Panthers were harassed and dismantled by the J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI.

During the late 60's no Black Power organization grew more than The Black Panther Party but with growth came government repression. The FBI saw The Black Panther Party as the "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country" and by 1969, the Panthers and their allies had become primary targets of COINTELPRO.


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Time Stamp
00:00 - [Ten Point Program]
02:40 - [Intro]
03:08 - [COINTELPRO]
07:34 - [Newton Arrested]
13:55 - [Panthers run for Pres.]
15:04 - [Bobby Hutton Killed]
17:36 - [Panthers Go National]
20:35 - [Free Breakfast Program]
27:00 - [Bunchy Carter Killed]
30:45 - [Fred Hampton]
40:40 - [Murder of Alex Rackley]

Black Against Empire
by Joshua Bloom and Waldo Martin