What HAPPENED to the Negro League? (History of the Negro Leagues) Full Episode #onemichistory

A explanation of the full history of the Negro Leagues.

this is a full video of all my episodes explaining the rise and fall of the negro leagues. Negro League Baseball got its start because of segregation. African American players found their greatest opportunities with traveling teams until 1920, when Rube Foster launched the Negro National League. Reformulated several times with new leagues and owners, Negro League baseball enjoyed periods of success in the early 1920s and again after the Great Depression. However, Jackie Robinson’s integration of baseball in 1947 prompted a slow but irreversible influx of talent to the majors, and the remaining Negro League teams generally folded by the 1960s.


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A complete history of the Negro leagues, 1884 to 1955 - Order: https://amzn.to/368L7V3
by Mark Ribowsky