The spark that started the Tulsa Massacre #onemichistory

It was in Tulsa, Ok 19 year old dick Rowland had dropped out of school and started shined shoes at a local pool hall on third and main. Shoe shines only cost a dime but a good shine could make upwards of 10 dollars a day. Dick Rowland had an outgoing personality that was well suited for a job in personal service. he wore nice suits, had large amounts of cash and a diamond ring that earned him the nickname of Diamond dick. on it was may 30 1921 and on this day Rowland was on his way to the Drexel building which was mostly closed the memorial day holiday but the building had something that very few buildings downtown had, a colored restroom on the top floor, as Rowland walked toward the elevator. It was being operated by a white 17 year old white woman by the name Sarah Page.